Digital Collaboration: UN-Habitat’s SDG Cities signs pro bono agreement with Capcade Impact Foundation


December 5, 2023

Digital collaboration to reach 1000 cities and 1 billion urban dwellers

UN-Habitat and Capcade Impact Foundation have embarked on a transformative collaboration for the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
Capcade Impact Foundation provides a white-label digital ecosystem platform featuring digital collaboration tools that enable organisations such as cities, INGOs, businesses, and investors to build operational and communal ecosystems with their stakeholders and partners to promote project development and investments. It develops digital workspaces to help cities grow outcome-based collaborative ecosystems or networks. These networks are then seamlessly connected to the SDG Cities Global Initiative, which aims to convene stakeholders from across society to help cities take transformative actions to reach their nation’s SDGs by 2030, by sharing data knowledge and peer to peer learning experience.

The platform will initially facilitate onboarding and communications between cities and the SDG Cities Global Initiative, leaving no one and no place behind.

The platform will support cities in building their capacity, connecting cities with UN-Habitat network of partners, and attracting investors to the developed urban investment opportunities to achieve the SDGs. Members can efficiently and securely exchange information to promote best practices, build urban developed projects, identify barriers and solutions of initiatives, and invite private sector participants. As a hub connecting cities this network will play a pivotal role in aiding cities in reporting their progress. Through this comprehensive reporting mechanism, we aim to track and celebrate the milestones achieved on the path to sustainable urban development.

Furthermore, a significant facet of the collaboration is the creation of a digital network comprising development finance and philanthropic institutions and organizations dedicated to supporting cities. This platform will work towards mitigating the risks associated with investments in urban development projects. By aligning investments with evidence- and outcome-based SDG objectives, we aim to bridge the investment gap in the SDGs.

The end goal of this collaborative effort is a worldwide SDG Cities movement. This ambitious endeavor seeks to leverage digital connectivity to link 1,000 cities and partners to the SDG Cities Global Initiative, impacting over 1 billion individuals, particularly in the least developed, low- and middle-income countries.

This collaboration between UN-Habitat and Capcade represents a monumental step towards fostering sustainable urban development on a global scale. By harnessing the power of digital connectivity and data infrastructure, the partnership is poised to bring about transformative change, making the vision of sustainable cities a reality for communities around the world.