La Paz, Bolivia: The first city in the world to be awarded SDG Cities Gold Certification!

Regional Representative for UN-Habitat in Latin America and the Caribbean (Elkin Velasquez) recognising La Paz for Gold Certification

In photo: Regional Representative for UN-Habitat in Latin America and the Caribbean (Elkin Velasquez) recognising La Paz for Gold Certification, October 21, 2022


May 30, 2023, Nairobi, Kenya 

La Paz, Bolivia Receives Gold Certification: A pioneer of sustainable development through the utilization of the Global Urban Monitoring Framework (UMF) in its Voluntary Local Review (VLR). 


We congratulate the Autonomous Municipality of La Paz on its remarkable achievement as the first SDG City to receive Gold Certification! Gold Certification is awarded upon a city’s completion of a baseline data assessment aligned with the Global Urban Monitoring Framework (UMF) and a strategic planning process that clearly establishes action steps for the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) targets. This prestigious recognition underscores La Paz's commitment to inclusive and sustainable urban development and has marked its transformative journey towards a more equitable and prosperous future.  

La Paz has emerged as a regional and international role model in monitoring and strategic planning based on the SDGs. The city's pioneering effort is evident in its ground-breaking Voluntary Local Report (VLR), which utilized the UMF methodology. In its VLR La Paz identified six important pillars for the city’s strategic plan: 

  1. A healthy and safe La Paz, 

  1. A peaceful La Paz, 

  1. A productive La Paz,  

  1. A fast and interconnected La Paz,  

  1. Open and efficient governance in La Paz, and 

  1. A modern and green La Paz  

La Paz went above and beyond to create its own matrix to measure its achievement of the UMF’s four city objectives across the five city domains to more accurately understand how it was complying with the SDGs and the mission to Leave No One and No Place Behind. The results from this analysis were then used to inform the action steps outlined in its strategic plan.  

The report highlights priority challenges that the municipality must address to advance sustainable development. Foremost among these challenges is the imperative to strengthen the social fabric of the city, fostering trust and security among its citizens.  

La Paz's journey towards a more inclusive, prosperous, and sustainable future serves as an inspiration to cities worldwide, reinforcing the transformative power of dedicated urban development strategies. We look forward to our continued working relationship with La Paz and other cities in Bolivia on its SDG Cities Certification journey! Congratulations on Gold Certification, once more!  


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