SDG Cities goes to Mafra, Portugal

SDG Cities team goes to Mafra, Portugal

September 13, 2023, Mafra, Portugal

SDG Cities participates in Lusophone Seminar in Mafra, Portugal and Portuguese Cities are welcomed into the SDG Cities Global Initiative

The SDG Cities Global Initiative team was pleased to participate in the SDG Municipalities Lusophone Seminar in Mafra, Portugal. The aim of the event was to create a network between Portuguese municipalities and to conceptualize projects fitting the SDG prospects at regional and national scales. The program for the seminar aimed to engage stakeholders, the local community, and an intergenerational citizens group in the preparation and production of Voluntary Local Reports (VLR).

Apart from the SDG Cities team, the event had the presence of municipal authorities from Portugal, Brazil, and Mozambique, alongside figures from the private sector and academia. Each participant was welcomed and encouraged to participate in vibrant discussions held across three thematic roundtables: "Universal Language," "From Vision to Practice," and "The SDG in Lusophony."

Additionally, the event showcased the active involvement of earnst youth groups, all actively contributing to thoughtful dialogues and presenting compelling initiatives geared towards the localization of SDGs within the Mafra municipality. These proposals were developed during a parallel session titled "The Youth Vision on the SDGs," facilitated by the youth themselves.

During the seminar, the cities of Almada, Braga, Loulé, Mafra, Matosinhos, and Fundão received certificates to welcome them into the SDG Cities Global Initiative. This represents the effort by these municipalities to promote change, inclusivity, and accountability. Embedded in the sentiment from one of the presentations that "no one should feel alone," the acknowledgment of municipal enterprises fosters collaboration and scaling up good governance efforts, promoting the importance of local action and situating municipalities as agents for transformative change.